Let Us Give Thanks

This year at Thanksgiving dinner, we went around the table listing things for which we were thankful. Not able to think of anything meaningful and specific, the words that came to mind were family, food and shelter. That’s nbd since those are major topics in our lives, but it got us thinking ... Were we unable to recall the wonderful events happening because we took them for granted, or just momentarily downplaying our great lives because we struggled in Toastmasters? Odds are good that we perceived a lot of our 2016 happenings as insignificant. But the reality is that most everything is something to be thankful for amirite? So if you can’t add anything to list because “nothing good happened this year” keep reading…

...many of us worry about that one thing going wrong instead of the nine things going right

Why do we fail to see the good? Thanks to our brain’s negativity bias, we simply focus on and remember the so-called bad things. Events we perceive as negative just have a stronger impact. While this works for cavepeople hiding from bobcats, or whatever, positivity goes farther these days; especially for us thirty-somethings. There's a LOT happening in our lives now and many of us worry about that one thing going wrong instead of the nine things going right. It’s likely that efforting from a less-than-positive perspective will just make it worse, anyway. This keeps that light-hearted version of ourselves in hiding. Since we’re still trying to find our boot socks and a low-carb lifestyle, we don’t need to add more to the list.  

For those that have come to know us through our book, you know we’re all about practicing the Law of Attraction. You also know that we’re no exception to the cavepeople rule. That means we also have to buck our natural inclination to feel negativity and increase our gratitude. We worry about that little mistake we made at work, if our hair will fall flat or be too frizzy, our life’s purpose, etc. But, then, we catch ourselves. Suddenly, we remember how much we learned from that mistake, that we at least have hair to style and Oprah. We make the shift because feeling good feels good! We know, its pretty basic reasoning but it really is that simple.

Our health, wealth and everything else depend on us noticing the good that’s happening. When our blah thoughts transition to happier ones, our insides and vibrations change to allow the good stuff to come to us. Even if it doesn’t come, feeling excited or content without needing our outcomes to change is truly awesome. The whole point is just to feel good now. Take a minute to think about the seemingly small things that are happening in your life right this minute.

Need some help? Well, we’re happy that our nails are done and that we meditated this morning. You know what we’re not going to think about? How our hands have looked ragged for the last two months or that we only meditated for four minutes. Clearly, by writing this we’re thinking about it but you know what we’re trying to say. Small stuff counts, too. We’re not saying you should take these realizations to your next Thanksgiving dinner unless you really want to discuss your nails at the table. But get in the habit of taking in the fresh air and feeling joy in breathing it. Appreciate the things you normally take for granted or seem unimportant. Practice your gratitude by jotting down what you’re thankful for on the back of an envelope or your journal. It seems like there's always something better to do than spend five minutes jotting down random thoughts but trust us, it will put a smile on your face. Then, take a minute and let us know what you wrote in the comments below!