4 Great Reasons NOT to Make New Year's Resolutions


EVERY year, we precariously stand at the crossroads of writing down next year’s dreams and easing into the new year expectation-free. While we’re super excited about improving our lives or just having a seemingly clean slate, January 1st is always a double whammy. It’s the first day of the month and year so we feel compelled to give it extra meaning and effort. As “Do Day” approaches, excitement, anxiety and our old habits engage in a battle royal. Who wins is anyone’s guess. Thanks to this situation and more we’ve decided against doing the whole new year’s resolution thing. Check out the four reasons we’re putting it on ice with the champagne for 2017.

1. Less Stress. On the first day of the year, we rinse off layers of laziness and become totally different people… for a week. We’re jogging to Whole Foods at 7am to do meal prep after updating the resume and improving the status our Non-Relationship-Relationship. This multi-item list of activities meant to revolutionize our lives gets piled on to one month. We’re still trying to write the correct year down so it’s overwhelming to have these crazy expectations that, while well-meaning, are the source of our new anxiety. Will we or won’t we is the name of the game and self-loathing is the prize if we fail. Um… who needs that? Why not be easy on ourselves and find a better way to be better. We’ve gotten the hang of self-compassion but we can’t in good conscious set ourselves up to fail. We’d rather just compete to be better than we were the day before.

Why should January 1st be the catalyst for change?

2. We Can Change Now. These resolutions are a bunch of things we’ve wanted to do for a while. Why should January 1 be the catalyst for change? Closets can be cleaned out at any time with a little nudge from KonMarie. Reaching goals because the results will increase our happiness is a year-round job. We want to train ourselves to get started on the day we're ready, not procrastinate until the beginning of the year. Besides, studies show that only 8% of people succeed in achieving their resolution. It doesn’t mean we can’t be part of that statistic but the odds aren’t in our favor. Plus, we know our track record for sticking with goals we handed off to the new year and it ain’t pretty. To that point, we know ourselves period. There’s a reason we haven’t lost ten pounds and it isn’t because January 1st hasn’t come around yet.

3. Timing isn't Right. Inspiration vs. motivation isn’t just about semantics, it’s about which is the ultimate driver of goal longevity. Inspiration comes with joy that makes us float through a new project or task. It’s nothing for us to be focused for months working on an idea that sparked creativity and confidence. Motivation comes from lack and negativity. It's more focused on pushing than floating because of the intent. The feeling of having to do something to keep unwanted things from happening is a dream crusher over time. We could be totally inspired on January 1st but does the 2nd prolong that wonderful feeling or does it turn into motivation? Eventually, we go looking for something that gives us the feels and drop the volunteer gig or savings plan. Calendar dates just don’t do it for us.

4. We Have Issues. New Year’s resolutions can cover up and distract us from the real reason we’re not diving into in certain activities. The why when it comes to procrastination, lack of interest, fear and other negative emotions is important. Sometimes it might just be that we’re busy dating our sofa and growing that relationship is a top priority. But if we’re afraid of succeeding or love to sabotage our efforts, those are bigger issues that we should deal with head on. Otherwise, working on trusting ourselves and staying happy gets buried in the lies we tell ourselves. This is an ongoing process and shouldn’t be ignored if we’re going to stay productive. How much more would get done if we understand what makes us move? Unless investigating our underlying issues is a new year’s resolution we could miss out on an aha moment.

What are we doing in a non-resolution-y way to keep our goals in focus? Well, there are some tasks we want to accomplish next month but not because it's January; it’s simply because it’s the next month. If we finish up our December goals early, we’ll start them sooner than later. Basically, it’s living life as women who are challenging themselves to reach farther no matter the occasion. That, and we set SMART goals, spreading them throughout the year to make sure we have a chance to succeed. Again, we’re happily competing to be better than we were the day before so it has become our modus operandi. We’re on the continuous improvement wheel just like y’all and seeing Jan 1st as another day for great things to happen. We hope you all find great ways to gsd as well because our 30's are the best years of our lives. Cheers to goal-setting and awesomeness!

If you’re in the No Resolutions Club (we made that up) let us know how you get down!