8 Things We Love Now That We're Over 30

having zero plans and loving it

having zero plans and loving it

As we move farther away from our twenties we discover things we enjoy that were previously taken for granted or undesired. We've slowly turned into our parents while simultaneously denying any similarities exist. But let’s face it, our version of fun looks a liiiittle like something mom and dad would sign up for. Some of the new things we love nowadays are below:

Sleeping. Granted, sleeping is an activity that we enjoy at almost any age. But now, as thirty-somethings, we embrace it. In fact, we crave it. In our twenties we could go without it on any given night and brag about how little we slept in the morning. Now it’s a source of enjoyment and listed as one of our favorite hobbies.

Waking Up Early. We're not talking about the alarm-blaring-on-a-workday early. That's a terrible feeling. This is the opening-your-eyes-as-the-sun-comes-up-on-a-Saturday early. Rolling out of bed to start your day feels like a bona fide great idea. Sleeping until 1 pm makes you shudder. And if you haven't made it back from Costco by noon, you feel like a failure. To-do list, checked.

Great Conversations. Remember the late night chats with your friends as you got ready to go clubbing? Now subtract the club and add wine. This. Is. Thirty-something. There are no activities planned after the conversation. The chatting is the fun part. The connection with like-minded souls is all you're reaching for and it's exciting. Plus, you don't do it that often these days so it holds a special place in your heart.

Uncrowded Malls. It’s not that you're only going inside to buy one item now that you're a super grownup. We didn't turn into guys for heaven’s sake. But now we see the mall for what it really is. A place to buy stuff. This means we don't need anyone or anything getting in the way of our mission. That includes families, strollers, and even that cute guy. We don't even see him! Yep, Tuesday nights at the mall are now a thing. 

Having Zero Plans. There's a throw laying on your sofa just waiting for you to cuddle up and rescue it from loneliness. How can you say no? Wait, this counts as having plans. So... never mind.

Day Drinking. Whether was thrown by a party promoter or your buddy, day parties are a thirty-something’s best friend. They start late in the afternoon and are over by 9-ish. You socialize, have fun drinks, dress up and still get home in time to take the dog out. That fuddy-duddy feeling won’t creep up on you this weekend! You can happily go back to “having zero plans” for the rest of the month.

Saving Money. We weren’t terrible at this in our 20’s but it definitely wasn’t a priority. When we met back in 2008 we had relatively great jobs. But why was there always something to buy?! Paychecks couldn’t come fast enough and actively saving was put off until next month, every month. Or, we would just let our 401(k) do all of the heavy lifting. And trust us, it wasn’t that heavy. Since retirement is on our minds, seeing our money grow is exciting. Saving is officially fun.

Talking to Our Parents. Aside from an unwanted lecture or two, our parents have become enjoyable people again. They’ve been waiting for the day when they can talk to us like normal human beings and it’s finally here. We now have another well of experience to draw from and can be more open and honest with them at this age. They can’t help us take awesome selfies, and that’s okay. We’ve re-discovered that parents are great at a lot of other things.

Let us know what you enjoy now that you're over 30. We’d love to hear from you!