Hacks to Keep Your 2017 Dating Goals Going Strong

Hike it out!

Hike it out!

This post is for all the single ladies (all the single ladies) in their thirties actively dating to fine The One. As exciting as meeting new Potentials can be, it gets a little tiring and time consuming. You can tell you're feeling this way when you start those lengthy solo "meetings" on Friday nights with your sofa and the internet. Still, you know it’s best to get back out there and keep going, so you do. Meanwhile, your pile of dirty date-night clothing grows, you haven't seen your friends in forever and you can't remember where you left your "A" game conversation (look between the sofa cushions). Plus, your resolutions/goals probably have something about dating for marriage in the top five nudging you to stay the course. This is where we come in. Below are some tricks we've learned in real life to make this process a lot easier.

Schedule Multiple Dates for the Same Day. Picture this... Brunch with Guy#1, coffee with Guy#2 and mini golf with Guy#3. You can use the same talking points for each date without missing a beat. It's possible that you could get a little winded by nighttime, but each new experience, and the coffee with Guy #2, should give you the energy to get through the day. Keep all activities within a fifteen-minute drive. Same outfit. Same day. Boom. Who has the rest of the week open for second dates, friends and scrolling through Instagram? You do. 

Get Active on Your Dates. We live to eat. There's no sugarcoating this (mmm, sugar). Since our metabolism is betraying us in our thirties it’s good to use your dates to get moving. To keep from packing on the pounds, go rock-climbing or hiking with your guy. Heck, make it a gym date. You'll kill two birds with one stone and get to see him in action.  Plus if it's your turn to plan and pay you just saved a few $$$. Then, you can eat. 

Swipe. If you're lucky enough to have friends with a continuous supply of eligible men for blind dates; more power to you. Tell your awesome friends to send a few this way! If this isn't the case... download a couple of dating apps and start swiping. You'll find that you swipe left waaay more than swiping right. But still, the options are now endless, and that’s half the battle. Tip: use these apps in professional areas like downtown to get better odds of finding men with good jobs.

Play 36 Questions. Get to know your date by asking thirty-six questions created by psychologist, Dr. Arthur Aron. They’re designed to build closeness between strangers. Some of the questions are complete downers since they deal with death but you learn so much about each other you don't even care. At the end you stare into the other's eyes for an uncomfortable period of time and want to go out again. It's great for us thirty-somethings that have trouble opening up and you get to skip that level of newness where the awkward silences live. 

We’ll definitely have more hacks to share with you in the future. Let us know a few of the ways you save time, money and your sanity while dating.