As the authors of Lessons in Our (early) 30s, we want to welcome you to our blog! This is the platform where thirty-somethings can hang out and be themselves. Think of this as a virtual Central Perk without the coffee, food or Gunther. But hey, we do have the friends part down. A little about us:

Libby J. You can call me Miss. Robot :-) I’m a cyber security project manager, who also teaches hot yoga! To get my creative juices going, I love to write and do whimsical arts in the most structured and methodical way possible (it’s the engineer in me). My true passion comes from mentoring others to reach their full potential. 

Jillian K. Energy professional by day and writer by night. I hail from Houston, Texas and live in West Palm Beach, FL. I like to eat, eat (not a typo) and travel. My joy also comes from helping others and myself do great things. Reading, watching YouTube hair/makeup tutorials and finding inspiration in the Sephora aisles are almost daily activities. Exercise is right up there too, but only because I've gotten so good at pretending to work out that it actually happens.

Lessons in Our 30's was created so we can share all the stuff we've learned and experienced over the past few years. It’s a great time to be in our thirties and the more places for us to connect, the better. Our book is the perfect place to start and our blog lets us continue the conversation. And trust us, there will be some great conversations!

We'll cover all kinds of topics based on our book's chapters and more. You'll get to know us well as we create new content and discuss our lives and likes, and loves as thirty-somethings. We want you to take away guidance, guts and glory to help you thrive and be your best self. If there's anything you want to see more (or less) of just let us know. After all, it takes a village to raise a blog.