Lessons In Our (Early) 30s

      Lessons in Our (Early) 30's highlights the lifestyle of the everyday (early) thirty-something woman. Enlivened with the authors' personal experiences, it serves as the go-to guide to successfully navigating life after your twenties, avoiding pitfalls and channeling your inner Oprah. Today’s thirty-something is reaching for achievements in many of life's categories. More women are breaking from the norm and taking time to “figure it all out”.  Topics include beauty, wellness, finance, career, style, friendship, romance, and spirituality.

      Throughout the book the authors have integrated a social media element through hashtags. These hashtags allow the reader to interact with the authors, as well as other readers in real-time, creating a sense of community.

      The authors of Lessons in Our (Early) 30’s are long-time friends currently “figuring it all out”. They are living through this era and realize that the journey can be confusing and exhilarating, bringing about the urge to share their knowledge in an entertaining and realistic way. 


Lessons In Our (Early) 30s
By Libby John, Jillian Kaiser